Mathilde Barbier


As a mother, I believe that parents are the real experts. But life can be very demanding and we might feel that our buttons are being pushed. When this happens, we can become irritable, erratic, exhausted even disconnected.

Some of the triggers can be:

- Relationship stretch

- Exam stress

- Emotional tension with your teen

- School related worries

- Testing toddler

- Pre and post-natal anxiety or exhaustion

- Any of the above combined

 During the time you invest with me, I will show you how to recognise the 'stress indicators' your body stores and how to restore a healthy energy flow by practicing simple and effective techniques I have tried and tested in the past 15 years.”

- Your wellbeing will ripple outwards, benefiting your whole family -


Sessions from the comfort of your own home: skype / viber / phone

Sessions in person: Hampton TW12 - Kingston upon Thames

Duration: 60min

Techniques: Modern Stress Management, EMO (Energy in Motion), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Positive EFT


Languages: English & French

Skype: mathilde.barbier1

Phone: (+44) 07947 319 362

Call me to book your free 10min conversation.


"Dare 2 Be the Change You want to see in your Life"